Roller Skates

After a 27 year absence I laced up some roller skates last October. Purchased custom made skates in December and have now put my name down for the local Roller Derby league.

As a child I always felt freedom and love for skating.

I informed a friend of my new purchase and he exclaimed. “Veronica, people our age are getting away from those kind of sports, you know the ones, where agility and balance are needed.” To that I laughed and shook my head in agreement.

This is precisely why I had never put my skates back on.

Fear of falling and injuring myself, fear of peoples response to me while on skates and of my discussions with them about my love of roller skating.

How times have changed. I no longer fear……..

Newcastle Foreshore

13 thoughts on “Roller Skates

  1. I saw this from Carolyn’s blog & wanted to wish you the best with getting into the Derby League! I’ve always wanted to give skating a go but never have, so I think it’s awesome you’ve got back into it ๐Ÿ™‚
    Caz xx

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